UConn Women's Basketball Training

As an athlete, I always had a coach to guide and encourage me, to hold me accountable and to inspire the best in me. We don't stop needing that support once we leave our sport. 

Unfortunately, for most us, as we move into adulthood and aspire to become leaders in our careers, we often try to push through it and do it alone, only to find ourselves feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted.

No one creates success alone. We were made for connection and we all need a team to belong to. We also need a coach that will guide us, encourage us and inspire the best in us. Let me be your mentor and your coach.

In my career, I have analyzed, observed and worked with some of the greatest athletic minds of our time. As your coach, I will promise you connection, collaboration and growth. We can be the perfect team to take your life, your career and your team to peak performance, without sacrificing your mental and emotional well being.

I specialize in one-on-one and group Mental Fitness Coaching with leaders, current & former athletes, and teams.

Let me help you identify the barriers that are standing in the way of your peak performance and a fulfilling life. Change is possible.

"Shelley went above and beyond what I expected with regards to her willingness and ability to help me achieve my goals and desired outcome. Shelley is very insightful and genuine! I will definitely recommend her to anyone seeking to learn new skill sets." 
~Jose Santana, San Francisco 49ers Academy

"If you were lucky there was a time in your life where you were at a crossroad and someone was there as a trusted and admired crossing guard to help you navigate traffic safely.  Shelley Till was that person for me.  Coach Till modeled hard work, motivation, compassion, and self-worth to me and my teammates on a daily basis.  By insisting that intrinsic motivation and goal setting is the key to self-actualization and happiness, she cleared the path for so many of us to accept ourselves as athletes and women." ~Ellie Olson, Principal 

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