Struggle to Strength

As a Certified Professional Coach, I help coaches, athletes and professionals improve emotional fitness to transform from
struggle to strength.

I was in your shoes.  I have been a  high-achieving, performance-based, accomplishment-driven, people-pleasing, "too much grit to quit" athlete, single-mom and career woman.  And I eventually found myself exhausted, stressed, struggling and ready to wave the white flag.  

I was a coach frustrated by ‘wanting it’ more than my players seemed to. I saw great potential, yet I struggled to fully connect and get through.

I was an athlete who used sports to get out of my head, free myself from chaos and just melt away into the moment.
Athletics was my escape, my safe place... until it wasn't. 

I get it.  Regardless of all I achieved or how "together" I appeared, I still felt broken and ashamed.  I tried to "change my thoughts to change my life" yet it never really worked.  That is, until I shifted my perspective to post-traumatic growth and became trauma informed.
I learned to exhibit and embrace the grounded belief that we can control our response to adversity and
 “grow through what we go through” on the path to a more fulfilled life. 
I transformed from struggle to strength...

It's possible for you too.

I have always believed that athletics is the greatest laboratory for teaching life lessons.  My purpose is to use those valuable lessons to help you champion an inclusive, belonging and inspiring culture where
purpose & fulfillment can be achieved.
Whether you are a coach, athlete, or a working professional, you are a high-achiever and you deserve to experience a victorious and fulfilling life, without sacrificing your mental or emotional well-being.

Chicago Sky

I want you to know how much I believe in Shelley and (her) capacity to be a big deal game changer for coaches and athletes.  (She has) the experience of being a winner – an irreplaceable and unparalleled asset. I’ve seen the quality and magic of her presentations and she inspires others to an elite status for peak performance through her coaching and training.”
~ David Krueger, MD - CEO MentorPath, Dean of Curriculum of Coach Training Alliance



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